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𝄞 Don't Cry for Me Argentina

Argentina is tango-ing itself to the 9th default on its debt since Independence from Spain in 1816. Having missed a $500M USD interest payment, May 25 will be the end of the grace period. Then War starts. The investment crowd will once again act like victims and ask why. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, so I thought. The last default occurred in 2001 - $100bn USD. Just in 2017 Argentina issued a $16bn USD 100 year bond was oversubscribed. It yielded almost 8%. In 2018, issuance was oversubscribed again, with the 30 year $3bn USD bond yielding a juicy 7%. Even more help came from the IMF with a promised $57bn USD package, that would be distributed with strings attached. A

Quick Update

Dear Plungers It has been a while since I wrote.... In case you might wonder, no I have not been struck by the new coronavirus, but lately I have been feeling the itch of Switchitis as March came with vengeance in all our portfolios. I think worse of all is my increase of Checkitis - been checking my portfolio on the elevator, on a queue, on the can - I guess to preach is easier than doing. Do as I say, not as I do. I have written a piece a few months back about Start-Ups and a guide to achieve Unicorn status, but alas, I didn't post... Anyhow - since the last post: 1. WeWork has not IPO'd and grab your popcorn cause drama is coming 2. Twitter still has not performed better than NYT.


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