Quick Update

Dear Plungers It has been a while since I wrote.... In case you might wonder, no I have not been struck by the new coronavirus, but lately I have been feeling the itch of Switchitis as March came with vengeance in all our portfolios. I think worse of all is my increase of Checkitis - been checking my portfolio on the elevator, on a queue, on the can - I guess to preach is easier than doing. Do as I say, not as I do.

I have written a piece a few months back about Start-Ups and a guide to achieve Unicorn status, but alas, I didn't post...

Anyhow - since the last post: 1. WeWork has not IPO'd and grab your popcorn cause drama is coming

2. Twitter still has not performed better than NYT. 3. BIC is still ... bicced

Speak Soon !

Kid Plunger