Knowing The Terrain - Dante & Kid Plunger

Dante and Kid Plunger

When utilising your plunger its best to familiarise with what you will encounter in your Swamp Adventure. As Dante Alighieri, a fellow plunger himself, mesmerized generations in shaping Hell for the Roman Church, allow The Kid here to describe the 5 equally scary layers that a typical Plunger goes through.


At the first level we have the Limbo, populated by Academics, Policy Makers, Management, Brokers, and our Neighbour Jones. This layer of people will not only try to influence you with their various tools – impressive speeches, theories and persuasions, however the information to which they give you will not serve major purpose to your track-record.

Academics with their pet and Nobel Theories, Policy Makers with Macro touches, Management with their Interpretation of Results, Brokers and eternal Buy signal, Speculators and their Price-as-a-Guide Religion, even your wonderful Neighbour who seems to be always making more money than you. We may call them as the Gang of Twaddlers.

None are here to harm you with their opinions, but as we unclog their usefulness, decisions that we make ourselves are far more informative and valuable in the long-term. Why, you may ask? Because we can tailor them to our need, and above all we can repeat the processes until it suits our personality.

Plungers, scientists would classify this layer as heavy on sodium chloride, but in easier terms: Take them with a pinch of salt.

There is no genie, regardless of how hard you scratch your ticker machine.