The Golden Plunger And The Kid

My fellow Plunger,

Welcome to the User Manual of your Plunger version 1.01, a state of the art machinery to help you declutter your mind and help you navigate the financial market swamp in order to bring to surface the best ideas for your Financial Portfolio.

In this Blog, as your Master Unclutter, I The Kid Plunger will introduce you ways to improve your plunge in the financial market. Upgrades to your Plunger Operating System (OS for the tech. inclined) will be posted along the way, with introductions of historical and real-life case studies of Investments, book reviews of the Business world, and developments of Industry Trends.

The aim is to bring to light the 3 major Steps in any financial investment:

  1. Initiating an Investment - What to Buy

  2. Monitoring Your Investment - How to Monitor

  3. Exiting Your Investment - When to Sell

These will be recurring themes throughout our Upgrades, but for now, let’s unpack our plunger.

This plunger is here to give you independence of thought, by seething through noise and twaddle opinions from the outside, building confidence on the user for the self-doubt, panic or overconfidence that naturally occurs in a life’s journey.

The plunger is to make you grounded Investor.

As we start out journey in sharpening our plungers, there are 3 stages on this user-guide for the proper use of our equipment: 1. Knowing the Terrain

2. Calibrating the Plunger

3. Making Your Plunger Glow

The next posts will delve more deeply into each!

Plungers! Unite!